Hello, I am AsyncBanana

A student and multi platform developer

 I am a developer that does web dev, desktop development, some mobile development, a bit of data science, and more! I also write about programming stuff. This is my portfolio/resume/personal website built with TypeScript, SvelteKit, and TailwindCSS. I like Go, JavaScript, new, shiny frameworks, and bananas :)

🚧This is currently in progress🚧




Bite sized articles for developers


The fastest object and array differ for JavaScript, with 2.5k+ stars on GitHub

Medium Articles

Articles that I have written on Medium

Serenity Editor

The lightest editor you have ever seen

This portfolio

The porfolio website you are looking at right now

Coin Flipper

A simple, fun Discord economy bot

Smoothie Stand

An advanced Discord economy bot


A Discord bot for building communities

Math Games

A popular, unique Roblox game to help practice math in a fun way

Shouting Adventures

A Roblox game based off of Shouting Simulator

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